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Martello tower, photo by Erik Simpson

The Ashplant Projects Gallery

Vowel Alternation
Vowel Alternation
Vowels and their consonants in Ulysses
Inside Leopold Bloom
Inside Leopold Bloom, image by Erik Simpson
On Inside Llewyn Davis, Ulysses, and cat puns
The Science of "Ithaca"
Science, based on Projet Gutenberg image http://www.gutenberg.org/files/28613/28613-h/images/fig66.jpg
With charts, so you know it's reliable
Bloom's Bookshelf
Bookshelf, image by Erik Simpson
A digital rearrangement
Heraldry in Ulysses
Heraldry, image by Erik Simpson
A project on a scarlet field, lion rampant
The Phonemic Ulysses
Phonemes, image based on image at http://www.gutenberg.org/files/17283/17283-h/images/cover_th.jpg
Sounding out the novel