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Martello tower, photo by Erik Simpson

The Grinnell Ulysses Collective

The Mabbot street entrance of nighttown, photo by Erik Simpson

The Mabbot street entrance of nighttown

Faculty Lead

Erik Simpson, Professor of English at Grinnell College, is the main programmer, general coordinator, and sometime editor of this site.

Summer Student Contributing Editors

These students have each spent a summer working full-time on Ulysses and the Ashplant project: Chris Gallo, Emily Mester, Jeanette Miller, Lena Parkhurst, Logan Shearer, Emily Sue Tomac, and Amelia Wallace.

Student Contributors

These students have worked on Ulysses in an advanced seminar in the English Department of Grinnell College, and they have contributed their writing to the site: Isabella Alsobrook, Jordan Bell-Masterson, Jenkin Benson, Ayo Bowman, Kristin Brantley, Zyme Burris, Stepheny De Silva, Gillian Dryjanski, Lou Engelman, Thomas Estabrook, Hanna K. Feldman, Kate Ferraro, Harrison Fertig, Alenka Figa, Claire Forrest, Olivia Fromm, John Gallagher, Michael Gallagher, Sophie Haas, Emily Hines, Maya Hobscheid, Teddy Hoffman, Emily Hopkins, Mari Huessy, Chris Jarmon, Ivy Lee, Seantasia Lee, Aaron Levin, Jamie Magyar, Erin K. McKee, Grace Mendel, Jordan Meyers, Jacob Miller, Richard Montalvo, Kelly Marie Musselman, Robert O'Connell, Brady O'Rourke, Katie Pimlott, Ross Preston, Eric J. Ritter, Kelsey Roebuck, Greg Rossi, Lydia Scott, Gabriel Singer, Josephine Sloyan, Nick Smith, Charles Sprague, Brittany Lane Steiner, Josh Tetenbaum, Grace Tipps, Justin Wedell, Emily Sue Tomac, LilyRose Weiss, and Clint Williamson.

Other Participants

This project has benefited from the support of these faculty and staff of Grinnell College: Mike Conner, Senior Instructional Technologist at Grinnell College; Mark McFate, Digital Library Applications Developer (who created the Textline interface for the characters project); Janet Davis, Sam Rebelsky, John Stone, and Jerod Weinman of the Computer Science Department; and Kathy Kamp (Director) and Adam Lauretig (Post-Baccalaureate Fellow) of the Data Analysis and Social Inquiry Lab (DASIL). Grinnell alumnus Gregory Schneider shared his phonetic dictionary with us, and it has been integrated into our phonetic tools for Ulysses.

Institutional Support

This site has been supported by Grinnell College, the English Department of Grinnell College, the Elkes Foundation, and an Academic Enterprise Leave funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.