A Hypertext Resource for Literature

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General Theory Sites

Here follows a list of starting points and reference sites for learning about literary theory and theoretical movements. The next page compiles sites devoted to individual theories.
  • Literary Theory from Voice of the Shuttle (ancient to modern)

  • Art and Culture Network's Literary Theory page has a lot of information and an interesting dymanic menu system that creates webs of associations (once you make a first click into the site). The navigation structure alone makes this site worth a look.

  • UC Irvine's Wellek Library Lecturer Bibliographies provide detailed information on a large handful of key contemporary theorists.

  • Martin Ryder's Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought is current and extensive.

  • The Spoon Collective hosts electronic discussion lists about philosophical and political issues; the archives of the lists are a valuable, searchable resource.

  • JosÈ Angel GarcÌa Landa'sBibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology requires some patience with the interface but rewards that patience with numerous bibliographical references that can help guide library research.

  • has good information including playful touches such as theory "trading cards."

  • Philosophy Radio has some resources that touch on literary theory, though most are straightforwardly philosophical. I stray from the topic at hand to mention that the site includes audio files of Monty Python's Germany vs. Greece philosophers' soccer game and Philosopher's Drinking Song.

  • The Guide to Philosophy on the Internet is especially strong for international philosophy.

  • Dino Felluga's site has good information on modern theory and some interesting quirky features. Have a look around.

  • My grad-school buddies from Penn founded and maintain …CLAT!, which stands for "Essential Comparative Literature and Theory Site." It is excellent but somewhat out of date, with a lot of broken links.

  • The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has excellent entries on modern as well as ancient philosophers (Adorno, for instance, along with Aquinas). The drawback: it's a work in progress.

  • Warren Hedges has compiled a timeline of theoretical movements in the U.S.

  • The Jerry Springer Show: Philosophy

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